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a live-initramfs mod


Here is attached a live-initramfs package very evolved, 

First, the booting options are unified in two different types, indicator and 

With a new options parser, it's easy to add and remove options, and specify 
their type.

All indicators support the affirmative and negative form,

That version relies on the /etc/fstab file to mount persistent volumes and 
also does automatic fsck of the disk volumes, Using fstab also supports 
custom mounts specifying other filesystems to be added to the main 

There are indicator options to scan or not cdroms and floppies searching for 
the live filesystem and persistent partitions,

Volumes can be referenced by device name, or volume LABEL or volume UUID

example, use a predefined list of swap partitions and do not scan for swap 


or use a home persistent volume:


and a lot of other mods,

The included live-initramfs man page is updated in some manner to explain that 

Hope that will be useful,

Jordi Pujol
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