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Yes in fact i tried to apt-get install aufs-modules-`uname -r` but there is 
no package with that name under the list of packages. apt-cache gives the 
names of other packages for other kernel versions but not for the one i am 
using. The lenny kernel version i am using is 2.6.21-2-486
Robert Spiteri
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> Robert Spiteri wrote:
>> On Lenny, i installed aufs-tools but i cannot seem to manage to insert my
>> sda1 partition in the union. Do i need to install something else cause
>> mount -t aufs is not working and there is no aufs.ko file?
> the tools require that the module packge (aufs-module-`uname -r`) is
> installed in order to perform operations on a mounted aufs filesystem.
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