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no bootstrap

SvechnikovSV wrote:
> Hello, debian-live-devel.
> I wrote by dd next 2 img files to usb and two times PC does not loaded with it.
> debian-live-etch-i386-standard.img 15-Jul-2007 21:55 93M
> debian-live-40r0-rc1-i386-standard-USB.img 01-Jul-2007 14:22 85M
> But with boot.img.gz for etch installer it was OK.
> What is wrong?

If the case was that the two first attempts didn't boot at all. And You
know that the images are ok by testing them with qemu. It could be that
your bios better likes a partitionless image as the boot.img.gz.
Also known as superfloppy style.




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