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Hard disk install

El mar, 04-12-2007 a las 17:24 +0100, Jordi Pujol escribi?:
> El Tuesday 04 December 2007 01:31:02 XayOn X va escriure:
> > I want to install my custom live distro in a hard disk, I've followed
> > the wiki info but I think some things are not clear.
> > I wanna make the installer as easy as possible, so...
> > The only issues I've had are with bootloader:
> > First of all I dont like to have to edit manually menu.lst ?Is there any
> > way to do it automagically?
> > And the same about device.map...
> Hello,
> I supose you are referrering to the page "do a custom install in a hard disk 
> or any USB device", what I wrote.
Exactly that part. :-) 
> I think that a tool for building the options in menu.lst does not exist,
> because the options for the boot cmdline depend on the installed kernel and 
> utilities, and that is so variable that somebody has only one solution, 
> should read the documents and evaluate what is included in his particular 
> install to set the options in consequence.
Mmm, but kernel installed if you copy the entire distro to hd is the
same as in live, so it sould work the same config but for hd not live i

> create device.map is easy, counting the hard disks in the system
> and setting the grub install disk to his corresponding number minus one
Ok. This part is already done thanks a lot
> Best regards,
> Jordi Pujol

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