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live image building broken

I'm creating a live-debian with customized kernel; I modify only the 
LH_LINUX_PACKAGES and the LH_LINUX_FLAVOUR parameters; the rest is set 
up with lh_config (xfce, usb-hh, unionfs);

lh_bootstrap and lh_chroot are OK;

then I chroot inside to install manually the xerver-xorg-video-amd 
package and I exit cleanly (removing all).

I give the lh_binary command and the first part runs perfectly; squashfs 
is created, the at the very last stage of creating the image I get the 
output of the writing speed, and as a last line like this reporting for 
error to be ignored
!!!I dont remember exactly the text here !!!


looking into the binary/ I see all the needed stuff; but no binary.img.

Maybe I'll test later this evening a snapshot of a newer version (form 
experimental I guess).

I also have to say that last week doing the same worked without 
problems; the only new things I introduced is a new kernel.



On Sun, Nov 18, 2007 at 12:06:37PM +0100, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Giorgio Fernando Walfrid Pioda wrote:
> > I'm using sid 1.0~a36-1 ...
> that's strange, because the parted changes weren't done there.
> what is actually failing for you, and does the snapshot work?
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