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how to NFS mount /home ?

Michael Creel wrote:
> I need to figure out how to have the live CD image nfs mount /home. To
> be exact, I need to execute "mount /home"
> in a way so that this is not subsequently undone by the normal
> creation of /home/user.

i did some time ago change the fstab handling, so that live-initramfs by
default just appends to an already existing fstab, rather than skipping
it when it's not empty (fstab manipulation can be disabled entirely with
nofstab, if desired).

unfortunately, within a recent larger patch to live-helper some weeks
ago, it got broken.

however, now it's fixed again. you need to use the latest git snapshots
for live-helper as well as live-initramfs, available from

echo " /home nfs defaults 0 0" > chroot/etc/fstab

additionally, if you want to avoid the default user creation, you can
use nosudo as bootparameter (or even make it permanet through
LH_BOOTAPPEND_LIVE="nosudo" in config/binary.

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