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I would like to know how to install Debian on machine with no CD-ROM device and no floppy from image (usb-hdd) built with live-helper.

I did:

- lh_config -b usb-hdd -d lenny

- in config/binary: LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER="enabled"

- lh_build

- put the image on usb key: dd if=binary.img of=/dev/sda

- boot machine (with no CD-ROM drive) with the usb key

- the boot prompt appears:

	- if I press F3, the menu shows the options (live, live-failsafe, install, expert)

	- if I press enter, Debian boots and the prompt finally appears: the system is up

	- if I type install and then press enter, the installation process begins

		- Choose language
		- Select a keyboard layout
		- Detecting harware to find CD-ROM devices...

	==> No common CD-ROM drive was detected... Load CD-ROM drivers from a driver floppy?

	The machine does not have floppy drive. I can not go further...

Is it possible to install Debian this way (from usb)?

Thanks in advance.


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