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Typo in live-initramfs 1.95.1-1~etch.1 from live.debian.net and in live-initramfs.git

Hello I'm building etch images on an etch host using latest (git) live-package.

I'm building the etch images using additional chroot_sources.list line
deb http://live.debian.net/debian etch main

Hence I boot the live system with an initramfs that includes
live-package 1.95.1-1~etch.1 code.

There is a typo in [chroot]/usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/live.

If the maintainer could use the delete key on the "F" and
rebuild/upload the package I'd be grateful!

Oh and the bug is also present in the git version in file
[live-initramfs.git]/scripts /live

This typo stops the auto serial console from working :-(

Best regards,
Alex Owen

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