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Hi !
> Yes, you did. You need to run qemu-system-x86_64 instead of just qemu.
> Maybe there is a permanent switch for choosing 64Bit as default. And I
> suggest you to compile the kqemu sources, too.
Thanks for your response.
I did as you said ; I have now a CD and a usb stick with a amd64/lenny
system. That's great !

Now I tried to build a i386/lenny.
With my amd64 machine, nothing doing. I tried from the amd64/lenny
architecture, then from i386/lenny on the same machine.

I took an old laptop with a Pentium III, etch.
I debootstrapped a sid, and lh_config - lh_build, with aufs instead of
unionfs. It just worked whith qemu.

Is it possible to build an i386 system with an amd64 machine ? 
With sid, perhaps ? I'll try a debootstrap.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Pierre Meurisse

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