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Cannot build ISO

>  . Use the latest git sources (not yet uploaded?) live-helper and
>    specify: --union-filesystem-aufs
>  . Use recent live-helper and specify: --union-filesystem-aufs \
>    --linux-packages 'linux-image-2.6 aufs-modules-2.6 squashfs-modules-2.6'
>    (this is implied in the GIT sources but not yet uploaded I guess).
>  . wait until unionfs works again; (ETA?)

It tried this:

  lh_config \
    --union-filesystem aufs \
    --linux-packages 'linux-image-2.6 aufs-modules-2.6 squashfs-modules-2.6'

It worked, much appreciated! Now on to figure out how to customize the
environment to do what I want it to do. Need to have mdadm, lvm2, ssh, set
passwords, etc....


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