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d-l loose ends in my understanding

Hi All,

There's some thing I've never understood about d-l and don't recall
seeing documentation for them either.  Having dabled in the source I'm
still not sure what they're intended to do.

What are all the LH_CACHE* options for?  When are they intended to

Are the .stage/* files supposed to be removed manually to cause things
to be rebuilt or just munged by the various {,sub{,sub,{sub}}}tools
and lh_clean?

When are the various lh_clean arguments supposed to be useful?

What does "binary" mean (vs. "chroot")?  Is this "the entire ISO" vs.
"the squashFS"?

What is the plan for error handling?  I don't even know what's causing
errors to be ignored right now but it seems to be a known and
acknowledged problem.


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