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an intresting problem (Now it worls) [PATCH]

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Peter Skogstr?m <peter.skogstrom at bitrunner.com> writes:
>> There are some syslinux errors when building lenny with usb-hdd (it
>> misses some include .cfg files and the menu labels seems not expanded).
> Please, test my snapshots since it had some more fixes on syslinux.

Hi Otavio

I did my diff against lh_binary_syslinux live-helpe1.0~a30-1
but I have now taken a look at a31 and the fixes are not related.

This patch makes usb-hdd work, both with and without LH_SYSLINUX_MENU

I have only checked usb-hdd not pxeboot, I also found some minor errors
afterwards (I think it was that I dont see the live-safe label with the

This is my first patch to debian, I have found bugs and done oneliners
before, but have some indulgence if I have done something wrong.

So what does this patch do:

1. I commented out this section, but I guess it can be removed as well.
First its an error, it copies isolinux.bin to syslinux.bin. But it
doesnt matter because there are no syslinux.bin in syslinux. For the
usb-hdd case we use syslinux and its loader is called ldlinux.sys (if I
recall correct) and that one is installed with the command syslinux
(taken care elsewhere)

I also copies the template section from the iso case (that we know works
good) and replaces some with $(DESTDIR) becasue here we have two
possible paths, because of the (if << syslinux 3.36) stuff.

Here adding the vesamenu also.

Some more commenting out stuff (bad habit)

changes syslinux.cfg to menu.cfg

Some more syslinux.cfg to menu.cfg and also the correct place for
${LH_SYSLINUX_TIMEOUT} timeout is  footer.cfg

Intresting also how you managed the CONFIG directive (in syslinux conf
files) to work, I just yesterday made some testing and I didnt managed
it to work at all. See the syslinux maillist for my test. To late for me
to check now (my head should be on the pillow many hours ago).




Andra L?nggatan 28
41327 G?teborg
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