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Hero wanted. Apply within. Make persistence work.

Alle venerd? 5 ottobre 2007, Ben Armstrong ha scritto:
> Here's the state of persistence, to the best of my knowledge:

Last time I checked just invoking "live-snapshot" produce a wotking cpio.gz 
archive that will be added at boot time if placed in the right place.

I know and I always told that other targets were unfinished/untested and asked 
for help when I saw that my time for d-l coding were fading out.

The live-snapshot script is not rocket science and a fix should be not a so 
hard task, the thing it need most is a good .ignore-list default file, so 
obvious files touched by live-initramfs at startup could be not added (as the  
default behaviour).

> queries about this per week on irc but have not had the time to do anything
> about it myself.

I have no time now too, and also no test machine... a lightingbolt killed some 
boxes in my home!

When I'll buy a new VT ready machine* I hope to have the time to proper finish 
this part. 

* an account on a big iron with qemu (kvm) and a chroot anyone?
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