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how I'm using debian-live

Hello, thank you so much for working on debian-live.  It's vastly
improved my release process, now that I have it set up.

In case you're curious, I've written a document describing the process
I used.  It is available at
http://www.electricowlstudios.com/EOwl-live-debian.html .  There are
links at the top to .doc and .pdf format, which I find much easier to
read than the dump from Open Office to html.

The parts which might interest you are sections 4.2.4 where I do some
fairly ugly hacking to dexconf in order to modify xorg.conf, and
section 4.2.6, which covers sound; whatever ALSA was doing by default
on boot wasn't enough to find and use my motherboard's on-board sound.
 (Intel 810 chipset, as I recall.)

Thanks again,

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