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Problem in lh_binary_iso

Hello all ;

I am trying to use live-helper version 1.0~a22.

After installation, I just run lh_config and after lh_build.

I have modified the line 111 of file "/usr/bin/lh_binary_linux-image"
from :
     cp "${TEMPLATES}"/casper/parameters.txt "${DESTDIR}"/parameters.txt
to :
     cp "${TEMPLATES}"/parameters.txt "${DESTDIR}"/parameters.txt
because I have a problem when "lh_binary_linux-image" copy the 
"parameters.txt" file.

Now I have a new problem with "lh_binary_iso" :

    - in french : "mv: ne peut d?placer `binary' vers un sous-r?pertoire 
de lui-m?me `chroot/binary'"

If I translate : "mv : can not move 'binary' to a sub-folder of itself 

Do somebody known this problem ?

Best regards.

Jean-Francois Rousval

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