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Bug#430566: xserver-xorg postinst calls xresprobe that makes running X server flick

Enrico Tassi wrote:
> I think there is no point in configuring X during the bootstrapping
> phase, but I really don't know how it is done at runtime when the live
> CD boots. If at boot-time xresprobe is not needed, it is only recommended
> by xserver-xorg, so it may be blacklisted.

you are right that it is completely useless to run xresprobe at build
time, because xorg is re-configured at run time again anyway.

however, this is what the xorg packages currently do when they are
installed, so, having not yet looked into that, if there is a smarter
way to disable it than just blacklisting the package, then i'll happily
do that.

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