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Security risks?

neuhoff at mhccorp.com wrote:
> Is this really a secure setup?

no :)

well, better.. not yet.

> Why doesn't 'sudo' prompt for a root password?

because we configured it like this.

> How exactly was it configured so as not to even  prompt for a password for the 
> normal user after bootup?
> And how exactly was it configured so as not to have a root account? 

look at 10adduser resp. 15autlogin in
live-initramfs/scripts/live-bottom/ resp. casper/scripts/casper-bottom/.

> Is all the magic done via the /etc/sudoers file only?


Today, I've added 'noautologin', 'noxautologin' and 'nosudo' boot
parameters to disable the respective features in live-initramfs in SVN.

Will think of a 'clever' way to have --user-password and --root-password
or similar in live-helper.

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