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Upcoming changes in live-helper 1.0~a10


first of all, the next live-helper upload will take a bit more time, we
need to wait the initial 10 days, otherwise live-helper never makes it
into testing (it's not present in testing, hence urgencies are ignored).

second, I'm going through all variable names, stage names, file names
etc. to make them consistent everywhere. This results in some
incompatible changes in 1.0~a10, so it's recommended to redo your
config/ once a10 is uploaded to unstable.

Two such changes are already applied in SVN, the rename of
LH_MIRROR*_BINARY and the change of the check for
chroot_sources/*.{build,image} to chroot_sources/*.{bootstrap,binary}.

Once a10 is ready, I will avoid every further change on names of
variables, stages and conffiles, so you can actually consider your
configuration for a10 as stable (only additional stages/variables will
be added).


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Email:          daniel.baumann@panthera-systems.net
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