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Roadmap to live-helper 1.0

Hadar wrote:
> Can you elaborate on the splitted/partial squashfs images feature?

casper/live-initramfs support to have different squashfs images, so that
one has do the following on the media:


where basically two things can be made:

  1. merging; casper will first mount filesystem-base.squashfs and then
    lay filesystem-kde.squashfs on the next layer.

    that lets us save space, so that the gnome squashfs image doesn't
    need to contain the fails already included in base.

  2. as implicitly given by 1, one can of course have multiple
    'complete' squashfs images sessions, let's us e.g. boot a gnome
     session or a kde session from the same media.

(this is btw not restricted to squashfs, it works with the other
filesystem types too).

however, this needs to be implemented in live-helper in a smart way,
patches welcome :)

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