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Roadmap to live-helper 1.0

Marco Ghirlanda wrote:
> Live installer?

live-installer is something completely different, so please excuse that
I did only speak about live-helper on the above roadmap.

> Can't we do a bounty and sponsor a developer to work on
> this? How much time would it take IYHO?

Depending on how 'busy' I am while the Debcamp, I hope to hack up a
working example for it while that week.

For someone familiar with debian-installer, this should be a realtive
easy and straight forward task. As I am not that familiar yet with it, I
will need a bit more time to do it. Of course, sponsorship, bounties,
patches or even someone other writing it is always welcome.

> Just my two cents, egoistically sent in the bit (many ArtistX users are
> asking about this, so I've had to put a Debian to ArtistX tutorial on
> the ArtistX site).

yeah, it's my personal release goal for lenny to have debian-live images
at the very same time the 'regular' images are released, and, to have
live-installer both in cli and gui on that very disks.

so, don't worry about it for the long-term (aka lenny), it will be
definitely accomplished, but right now, it's a bit of a problem of
priority for me to do it myself.

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