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USB Persistency

I have just tested several USB Live Distros, as per the instructions found at


How does a live USB Debian Linux created by the make-live from the new 
live-helper package excatly make sure that changes are stored back to the USB 
stick? It seems to use a single FAT16-formatted partition only on the USB 

If I create a live USB Linux according to the instructions at


the USB stick uses an ext2 bootable partition so as to make writing changes to 
the stick easier, but it only does so upon a shutdown event.

I wonder whether there is an easy way to automatically write all the changes 
to the stick automatically every 12 or 24 hours, perhaps triggered by a cron 
task. How difficult would that be? Alternatively, has someone found any other 
satisfying solution for this?

Juergen Neuhoff

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