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G-I , D-I

Marco Ghirlanda wrote:
> So are we going to have it in Debian Live.?


> Isn't against rule n.3?


you can choose at bootprompt if you want to start the live session with
'live', or, optionall if you included --include-di or simmilar to
make-live, 'install/installgui' et al which starts d-i/g-i just as you
know it from the regular debian install cds.

> Personally I really would like to have the
> installer into my live dvd because ArtistX user are asking this
> obsessively,

rule 3 is about a 'live-system-to-hdd' installer, not about 'including
regular debian installer'.

note that there will be a 'live-systems-to-hdd' installer at some later
point. *iff* such an installer is well done, it is a good thing. but
that requires some time to work it out, and that's why rule 3 is there
to let people know it will not happen so soon.

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