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chroot_localincludes -> deb package

I tried to put all the includes/ for Webconverger in a debian package
called webconverger-base:


I did this because I was worried that it might be really tricky to
update some of the includes otherwise. One of the key features I want to
maintain with this Live CD is that Webconverget is always up-to-date. It
does this presently with a background update job on boot up.

Later I learnt that it can be quite complicated to do it this way.

Because some of the items I modified in the includes was bits of
/etc/iceweasel which is owned by iceweasel. So at first the package
webconverger-base wouldn't install. Anyway, check out the source, it
might save you time if you want to do the same.

Any hints and suggestions are very welcome.


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