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the right place

Philippe MONROUX wrote:
> My 1rst question  : since debian-live-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org is
> a  devel list,  so can  I ask  question about  making live  cd.  In my
> opinion it's not a devel question but an user question...isn't ?

well, the name of the mailinglist is kind of unprecise :/ but, you're
right here, feel yourself welcomed with any sort of question related to

as the others already said, you need to get live-helper. also note, that
you need a hook for including java (the java packages can't be installed
non-interactively because one needs to accept the license), there is an
example hook in /usr/share/doc/live-helper/examples, look at it, it's
pretty self explaining.

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