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Bug#415453: live-package: make-live overrides command line arguments with values from /etc/make-live.conf

Shu Ning Bian wrote:
> When specifying command line options such as -a powerppc, value from
> /etc/make-live.conf is used instead, due to the fact the configuration
> is sourced in make-live script *after* parsing of command line options.


please note that live-package is dead and now, we have live-helper, it's
rewrite (working very similar, but offering additional things).

live-helper does not have this bug, it is currently waiting in the NEW
queue[0], but can be downloaded from here[1]. Please also read this
announcement[2] about it's invocation.


[0] http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html
[1] http://archive.daniel-baumann.ch/debian/packages/live-helper/

Address:        Daniel Baumann, Burgunderstrasse 3, CH-4562 Biberist
Email:          daniel.baumann@panthera-systems.net
Internet:       http://people.panthera-systems.net/~daniel-baumann/

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