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Debian Live USB Mounting

Gracie wrote:
> Hi Dan and Marco,


the right place to report/ask this is the mailinglist, hence sent there.

> I have one problem.
> I'm using a Western Digital Passport USB drive and I'm not sure what
> mount software to use. I loaded up the following
>      dbus, gnome-volume-manager, hal, pmount, usbmount, usbutils and
>      xfce4-mount-plugin
> ( At this point, they're probably conflicting with each other LOL ! )
> I was able to get it auto-mounted on /media/usb0, but after a while it
> seemed to dismount and I can only get it to remount by removing, and 
> then attaching the USB cable. I use the USB drive with Xubuntu, 
> with no problems, so I'll try to see which mounting software it uses.

What do you excately want to get automounted? A second partition behind
the live-partition of the usb-stick? Maybe http://bugs.debian.org/401216
can help you?

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