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[PATCH] Run debian live from initrd via PXE boot without NFS

El jue, 22-02-2007 a las 20:46 +0800, Steven Shiau escribi?:
> Hi,
> We know there is a network boot mechanism based on NFS for Debian live.
> On the other hand, to run Debian live from initrd via PXE boot, i.e. all
> the files are in RAM, nothing is in NFS-based directory, seems to be
> another good idea. 


I'm developing a project based on initramfs  to make a thin client
images with all embedded (sound, xorg, vnc, etc...) 

It use debian standard kernel and debian bins and libs. Thin client use
all in initramfs if RAM is more than 38 Mb, if is less will mount NFS
with an uncompressed initramfs exported dir.

My project is called TCOS and I want a sponsor for my packages in Debian
or put my code into casper or another project:

More info:
English translation isn't finished yet, sorry :(


in next week I will upload lintian clean packages.

We have 4 school's classrooms running with TCOS and next month will be
more than 10. TCOS have a teacher tool called TcosMonitor to control,
reboot, shutdown, send messages to thin client's users.


Mario Izquierdo (mariodebian)
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