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changing the inittab file to use rungetty instead of getty

is /sbin/casper-getty always called? or when is it called?
>Or as a "--hook" to make-live you could dpkg-divert /sbin/casper-getty
>and place your own /sbin/casper-getty which does (pseduo shell code)
>case $PORT in
>        exec startx ;;
>        exec /sbin/casper-getty.real "$@" ;;
>On 09/02/07, Alex Owen <r.alex.owen@gmail.com> wrote:
>>In some ways the neatest thing to do is edit /etc/inittab in the chroot.
>>The sed scripts  in the CASPERGETTY part of 25configure_init  try to
>>be so tight that they only rewrite the original debian /etc/inittab. I
>>can't vouch for the intent of the code outside the CASPERGETTY
>>block... however I think it is a bug if that code rewrites modified
>>versions of the original debian /etc/inittab. There may be come ubuntu
>>copat code in there too but I don't know about that.
>>In summary:
>>(1) I'd try to modify the /etc/inittab in the chroot first and report
>>bug 25configure_init  overwrites it.
>>(2) yes you have identified the right part of the code which rewrites
>>/etc/inittab patching this file will also do what you want.
>>Alex Owen

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