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mksquashfs -sort

[ I hope, you don't mind cc'ing the mailing list. ]

Llu?s Gras wrote:
> Hi Daniel


> In mksquashfs --help there is an option -sort
> -sort <sort_file>       sort files according to priorities in <sort_file>.
>  One
>                         file or dir with priority per line.  Priority
> -32768 to
>                         32767, default priority 0
> I was wondering if it could speed up live cd boot time, as Accelerated
> Knoppix do.

Yes, it can. However, I have not looked into it for generating some
sorted priority list already; and it is not that high on my todo list (I
consider e.g. more arch support and multi-arch/multi-boot as more
important), but it is definitely on the todo list ;)

If you have time, I would be nice if you can help out?

> Thanks ...

Welcome. Btw, the kde flavour is already faster than normal knoppix
(yes, I know, not really compareable though), knoppix takes 1:22.21 and
the kde flavour takes 0:59.91 until KDE is completely loaded on my
machine. If it can be made even faster, that would be great.

Once thing I just stumpled over is the possibility to load precached
unionfs snapshots (e.g. like they "advertise" it as "10 second boottime"
on www.machboot.com). This is actually very much cheated, because it's
not really booting the system like a normal system, but impressive

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