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Package Selection for Debian Live

--- Marco Amadori <marco.amadori@gmail.com> wrote:
> Casper already supports this, you could have a
> partition labeled "casper-rw" 
> or a file named the same on a fat32 partition. With
> "home-rw" you will just 
> have that file/partition mounted on /home. To enable
> the first use boot 
> param "persistent", for the latter use
> "homepersistence"

That's _exactly_ what I don't want...

> Added on my TODO for casper, I will add finding a
> file named "casper-snap" 
> and "home-snap", if they exist, on exit the ramdrive
> and or /home will be 
> saved, on boot copied into ram.

That's _exactly_ what I wanted! Grazie!


Ottavio Caruso

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