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User not known to the underlying authentication module


On Sat, May 27, 2006 at 07:50:59PM +0800, Wufu Chen wrote:

> then the error :"User not known to the underlying authentication module"
> any user can't login (the login prompt don't appear) , the system halt

I experienced this.  The problem comes from casper.  /usr/sbin is
missing from the path.  See the attached message.

By the way Daniel Baumann is currently working on an updated version
of debian-live (thanks for your work!).  I do not known whether he
plans to update casper in the same time.

Daniel, you mentionned twice the need for a `casper rewrite'.  What do
mean by that?  Do you plan to add new features to the existing casper?
Or do you plan to write something completely new from scratch?

Best regards,
Fr?d?ric Lehobey
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