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Why I don't like IRC (was: Re: dsslive)

Alle 08:18, sabato 25 marzo 2006, Andrew Donnellan ha scritto:

> > Main development is going on at #debian-live channel on OFTC IRC servers,
> > join US! :-)
>  * Where do you and Daniel live? What timezone?


>  * Change that to UTC+10/11.


>  * Why is it that whenever I go on there noone else is on there? Why
> is it that the time when everyone else is on is very very
> inconvienient for me?

I know that is a problem for you, so there is the wiki and the mailing list.
You can also follow IRC output at gmane btw.

Try to build an iso with make-live and report and try to fix your issues, I 
cannot suggest more what you could do othervise.

See you here then! :-)

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