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Questions about using casper

Its just that ubuntu takes around 5-10 minutes to boot (breezy 5.10
that is) and longer to open programs.

Maybe its not a casper problem since I noticed the same speed problems
on Ubuntu installed.


On 3/4/06, Marco Amadori <marco.amadori@gmail.com> wrote:
> Alle 09:21, sabato 4 marzo 2006, Andrew Donnellan ha scritto:
> > I have a few questions about using Casper for Debian Live:
> >
> > 1) As mentioned earlier there are semi-proprietary build scripts used
> > in Ubuntu, that will definately need to be fixed
> This is not a problem at all, "semi prop script" regards some tools that using
> casper and debootstrap they produce the final ubuntu live cd, this could be
> done by us without too much trouble.
> > 2) My experience with casper is that it's really slow on both my
> > computers (1.5-1.6GHz CPU, 256MB RAM systems) because Knoppix runs so
> > much faster than Ubuntu Live does, even though Knoppix has much more
> > on it.
> This is not depending on casper and maybe if you check latest rc live cds from
> ubuntu you will find similars speeds.
> Knoppix always sort in a "magic" way their files before creating the
> compressed image, to do that you have to simulate a boot and use access
> timestamp as a sort parameter, so all files accessed at boot time will be
> sequentially present in the resulting image.
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