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Bug#1068324: lintian: patch-not-forwarded-upstream for upstream patches

Hi Thorsten,

Quoting mirabilos:
> (at least bookworm’s) lintian complains about…
> I: mksh source: patch-not-forwarded-upstream [debian/patches/typeset-p-fix.diff]
> … for patches whose DEP 3 metadata clearly state they are a
> cherry-pick or backport from upstream.
> Here (cherry-pick):
> Origin: commit:10065BC69BE555D6721
> DEP 3 says the Forwarded header is only applicable for
> patches that don’t originate upstream.

Right. AFAICS, lintian spews that warning because the header in that patch in
incomplete. It also needs a "From" and "Subject" (which can be same as commit
message) and something that's also specified in the dep3 protocol while
cherry-picking patch from upstream. https://dep-team.pages.debian.net/deps/dep3/

If you add the "From" and "Subject" field, this should work. If you can confirm
the same, we could close this bug.


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