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Bug#709365: license strings

For the historical record, I attach a sampling of license
"short names" found in debian/copyright files claiming to
be dep5 or copyright format 1.0.
License: -
License: 2-clause BSD
License: 3BSD-like
License: 3-clause BSD
License: Academic
License: Academic or LGPL-2+
License: ad-hoc
License: AdvertisingGPL-3+
License: AEWM
License: AFL-2.1
License: AFL-3.0
License: AFPL
License: AFPL~AFPL
License: AGPL
License: AGPL-3
License: AGPL-3+
License: AGPL-3.0
License: AGPL-3+ and BSD-4-clause
License: AGPL-3+ and other
License: AGPL-3+ and zlib
License: AGPL-3, LGPL-2
License: AGPL-3+ with HTML-reference exception
License: AGPL-3+-with-HTML-reference-exception
License: AGPL-3+ with OpenSSL exception
License: AGPLv3
License:  AGPLv3
License: Alladdin
License: Allegro
License: Allegro-gift-ware
License: all-permissive
License: AllPermissive
License: AnyUse
License: Apache
License: Apache-1.0
License: Apache 1.1
License: Apache-1.1
License: Apache-1.1+BEA
License: Apache-2
License: Apache 2.0
License: Apache-2.0
License: Apache-2.0 
License: Apache-2.0;
License: Apache-2.0+
License: Apache2.0
License: Apache-2.0 and Boost-1.0
License: Apache 2.0 and BSD-3-clause (Cambridge)
License: Apache-2.0 and BSD-3-clause-SimplePie
License: Apache 2.0 and Cisco
License: Apache 2.0 and Haines
License: Apache 2.0 and MD5
License: Apache-2.0 and PHP-3.01
License: Apache-2.0 and W3C
License: Apache 2.0 and Zeus
License: Apache-2.0http//www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
License: Apache-2.0 or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: Apache-2.0-or-BSD
License: Apache-2.0-or-BSD-3-clauses
License: Apache-2.0 or GPL
License: Apache 2.0 or GPL-2+
License: Apache-2.0 or GPL-2
License: Apache 2.0 or GPL v2
License: Apache-2.0 or LGPL-2.1
License: Apache-2.0 or MIT
License: Apache-2.0 | other
License: Apache-2 or BSD-3-clause
License: Apache-2 or GPL-2
License: Apache-License-1.1
License: Apache License 2.0
License: Apache License version 2.0
License: Apache License Version 2.0
License: Apache or BSD-2-clause
License: Apache Software License, Version 1.1
License: Apache Software License version 2.0
License: APGL-3
License: APL-2.0
License: Apple Public Source License Version 1.1
License: ar30
License: Arev-Fonts
License: Arev-Fonts-Copyright
License: ARM_License
License: Artistic
License: Artistic-1
License: Artistic-1.0
License: Artistic-2
License: Artistic-2.0
License: Artistic-2.0 or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: Artistic-2.0 or GPL-1+
License: Artistic-2.0 or GPL-2
License: Artistic-2.0 or GPL-3+
License: Artistic-2.0 or LGPL-2.1
License: Artistic-2.0 or LGPL-3
License: Artistic-2 or LGPL-2
License: Artistic | GPL-1
License: Artistic License 1.0
License: Artistic or Artistic-2.0 or GPL-1+
License: Artistic or Expat or GPL-2
License: Artistic or GPL-1
License: Artistic or GPL-1+
License: Artistic or GPL-1+ 
License: Artistic or GPL-1.0+
License: Artistic or GPL-1+, and Apache-2.0 and other
License: Artistic or GPL-1+, and other
License: Artistic or GPL-1+ or Apache-2.0
License: Artistic or GPL-1+ or Artistic-2.0 or BSD or MIT
License: Artistic or GPL-1+ or BSD-2-clause
License: Artistic or GPL-1+ or BSD-3
License: Artistic or GPL-1+ or BSD-3-clause
License: Artistic or GPL-1+ or GPL-3
License: Artistic or GPL-1+ or LGPL-2+
License: Artistic or GPL-2
License: Artistic or GPL-2+
License: Artistic or GPL-2+ or LGPL-2.1+
License: Artistic or LGPL-2.1
License: ASL-2.0
License: ASLv2
License: AT&T
License: Autoconf
License: autotools-artefacts
License: ax_compare_version
License: aXfnZ0h8dcPerlArtistic
License: aXfnZ0h8dcPerlArtistic and GPL-2+
License: BDS-3
License: BEER-WARE
License: Bellcore
License: Beneath-a-Steel-Sky-License
License: Beneath-a-Steel-Sky-License 
License: Bitstream
License: Bitstream license
License: BitstreamVera
License: Bitstream-Vera-Font-License
License: Bitstream-Vera-Fonts
License: Bitstream-Vera-Fonts and Arev-Fonts
License: Bitstream Vera Fonts Copyright
License: Bitstream-Vera-Fonts-Copyright
License: Bitstream-Vera-Fonts-Copyright and Arev-Fonts-Copyright
License: blaze-svg license
License: Bob Jenkins License
License: BOLA-1.1
License: Boost
License: Boost-1.0
License: Boost software license
License: Boost Software License
License: Boost Software License - Version 1.0
License: Boost Software License, Version 1.0
License: Boost Software License - Version 1.0 - August 17th, 2003
License: BrownUn_UnCalifornia_ErikCorry
License: Bruce-Walsh
License: BSD
License: BSD 
License: BSD_1
License: BSD-1
License: BSD 1987
License: BSD-1 and BSD-2
License: BSD-1-clause
License: BSD_2
License: BSD-2
License: BSD 2000
License: BSD (2 clause)
License: BSD-2-clause
License: BSD (2 Clause)
License: BSD-2Clause
License: BSD-2-Clause
License: BSD-2-clause and BSD-3-clause
License: BSD-2-clause and BSD-3-clause~miscount
License: BSD-2-clause and Expat
License: BSD-2-clause~author
License: BSD-2-clause~author or GPL-2+
License: BSD-2-clause (Darwin)
License: BSD-2-Clause license
License: BSD 2-Clause License
License: BSD-2-clause-like
License: BSD-2-clause-modified
License: BSD-2-clause or GPL-2+
License: BSD-2-Clause or GPL-2+
License: BSD-2-clause or Ruby
License: BSD-2-clause or Ruby, and PSF
License: BSD-2-clause or Ruby or LGPL-2.1
License: BSD-2-clauses
License: BSD-2-Cluase
License: BSD-2-generic
License: BSD-2 or other
License: BSD3
License: BSD-3
License: BSD-3-assurance
License: bsd-3-bendersky
License: BSD-3-Bendersky
License: BSD-3-Cambridge-Google
License: BSD (3 clause)
License: BSD (3 clause) 
License: BSD 3-clause
License: BSD_3_clause
License: BSD-3-clause
License: BSD/3-clause
License: BSD 3-Clause
License: BSD-3-Clause
License: BSD-3-clause~4
License: BSD-3-clause-Adib
License: BSD-3-clause-Adib and Expat
License: BSD-3-Clause~Adobe
License: BSD-3-clause-Ajax
License: BSD-3-clause and Apache-2.0
License: BSD-3-clause and Bellcore
License: BSD-3-Clause and BSD-3-Clause with ICOT term 
License: BSD-3-clause and FTL
License: BSD-3-clause and GPL-2
License: BSD-3-clause and GPL-2+
License: BSD-3-clause and ISC
License: BSD-3-clause and LGPL-2.1+
License: BSD-3-clause and other
License: BSD-3-clause and Pipeline-Associates-PS
License: BSD-3-clause and RSA
License: BSD-3-clause~author
License: BSD-3-clause-author
License: BSD-3-clause-axiomatic
License: BSD-3-clause~Brush
License: BSD-3-clause~bstrlib
License: BSD-3-clause~bstrlib or GPL-2
License: BSD-3-clause~Cambridge
License: BSD-3-clause (Cambridge)
License: BSD-3-clause~casdevteam
License: BSD-3-clause-CloudFusion
License: BSD-3-clause-crypto
License: BSD-3-clause~ctppteam
License: BSD-3-clause-datatables
License: BSD-3-clause~FairOaksLabs
License: BSD-3-clause-FLENS
License: BSD-3-clause-FLENS and BSD-3-clause
License: BSD-3-clause-GENERIC
License: BSD-3-clause~Google
License: BSD-3-clause-Google
License: BSD-3-clause~Google and LGPL-2.1+~Libav
License: BSD (3 clause) GPL-2
License: BSD (3 clause) GPL-2+
License: BSD (3 clause) ISC
License: BSD (3 clause) LGPL-2.1+
License: BSD-3-Clause license
License: BSD-3-clause-MDB2
License: BSD-3-clause (miniupnpc)
License: BSD-3-clause~miscount
License: BSD-3-clause~O'Brien
License: BSD-3-clause-ontologies
License: BSD-3-clause-ontologies or CC-BY-SA-3.0
License: BSD-3-clause or Academic
License: BSD-3-clause or Apache-2.0
License: BSD (3 clause) or GPL-2
License: BSD-3-clause or GPL-2
License: BSD-3-Clause or LGPL-2.1
License: BSD-3-Clause or MIT
License: BSD-3-clause or other
License: BSD-3-clause or Zope-2.1
License: BSD-3-clause-project
License: BSD-3-Clause~Regents~4
License: BSD 3 clauses
License: BSD-3-clauses
License: BSD-3-clause-SabreDAV
License: BSD-3-clause-SimplePie
License: BSD-3-clause (Smrgrav)
License: BSD-3-clause~Sun
License: BSD-3-clause~SUN
License: BSD-3-Clause with ICOT term
License: BSD-3-clause (Xiph)
License: BSD-3-clause-yahoo
License: BSD-3-Clause~Yahoo
License: BSD-3-Clause~YUI
License: BSD-3-clause-Zend
License: BSD-3-Cluase
License: BSD-3-Dabeaz
License: BSD-3-DigitalCreations
License: BSD-3-doconce
License: BSD-3-flask
License: BSD-3-generic
License: BSD-3-google
License: BSD-3 (original text)
License: BSD-3 or other
License: BSD-4
License: BSD (4 clause)
License: BSD-4-clause
License: BSD-4-clause 
License: BSD (4 Clause)
License: BSD-4-Clause
License: BSD-4-clause and other
License: BSD-4-clause~author
License: BSD-4-clause or GPL-2
License: BSD-4-clause-POWERDOG
License: BSD-4-valgrind
License: BSD and Apache 2.0
License: BSD and BSD/superlu and Xerox
License: BSD and GPL-2.0
License: BSD and LGPL-2.1+
License: BSD and pycrypto
License: BSD-anyjson
License: BSD-BY-LC-NE
License: BSD-C2
License: BSD-C3
License: BSD-custom
License: bsddb
License: BSD-django-markupfield
License: BSD-dwoo
License: BSD-ExtremeLab
License: BSD-Ganglia
License: BSD GPL-3+
License: BSD (HP)
License: BSD (Intel)
License: bsdish
License: BSDL
License: BSD License
License: BSDlike
License: BSD like
License: BSD-like
License: BSD-like:
License: BSD-Like
License: BSD-mock
License: BSD-new
License: BSD-Novell
License: BSD or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: BSD or GPL-2
License: BSD or GPL-2+
License: BSD or LGPL
License: BSD or LGPL-2.1
License: BSD or MIT or GPL-2+
License: BSD-other
License: BSD-other or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: BSD-Plantronics
License: BSD-Plantronics and BSD
License: BSD-Plantronics and BSD-SIPSpectrum
License: BSD-PurpleComm
License: BSD-pyunit
License: BSD-revised
License: BSD (similar to 2 clause)
License: BSD-simplified
License: BSD-SIPSpectrum
License: BSD-solem
License: BSD-style
License: BSD-Style
License: BSD-style/LGPL-2.1
License: BSD-style license. See LICENSE.txt in the scipy source directory.
License: BSD-Sun
License: BSD-TangentOrg
License: BSD-tiff-ish
License: BSD-two-clause
License: BSD-UC
License: BSD-undefined
License: BSD-vmware
License: BSD-with-FSF-change-public-domain
License: BSD-X
License: BSD-X11
License: BSD-YAHOO
License: BSD-Young
License: BSL
License: BSL-1
License: BSL-1.0
License: BSL-1.0 and BSD-2-Clause
License: BSL-1.0 LGPL-3+
License: BSL-1.0 or LGPL-3+
License: BSL (v1.0)
License: bytestring-progress license
License: BZIP
License: bzip2
License: Catharon-OSL
License: CC0
License: CC0-1.0
License: CC-3
License:  CC-BY
License: CC-BY
License: CC-BY-1.0
License: CC-BY 2.0
License: CC-BY-2.5
License: CC-BY-3
License: CC-BY 3.0
License: CC-BY-3.0
License: CC-BY-3.0 and Bitstream
License: CC-BY-3.0 or BSD-2-clause
License: CC-BY-3.0 or CC-BY-2.5
License: CC-BY-3.0-US
License: CC-BY-3.0 USA
License: CC-BY or BSD
License: CC-BY-SA
License: CC-By-SA-2.0
License: CC-BY-SA-2.5
License: CC-BY-SA-2.5 or CC-BY-SA-3.0
License: CC-BY-SA-3
License: CC-by-sa-3.0
License: CC-By-SA-3.0
License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
License: CC-BY-SA 3.0 
License: CC-BY-SA-3.0
License: CC-BY-SA-3.0+
License: CC-BY-SA-3.0 or LGPL-2.1
License: CC-By-SA-3.0-US
License: CC-BY-SA-3-exc
License: CC-BY-SA or LGPL-2.1
License: CC-BY-SA_UK-2.0
License: CC-BY-US-3
License: CC-LGPL-2.1
License: ccp-bsd
License: CC-PD-1.0
License: CC-PDC
License: CC-PDC 
License: CC-SA-3.0
License: CC-SA-BY-3.0
License: CC-Zero
License: CDDL
License: CDDL-1.0
License: CDDL-1.0 | GPPL-2
License: CDDL or GPL-2
License: CDDL or GPL-2 with Classpath exception
License: CeCILL
License: CeCILL-2
License: CeCILL-2 (Full)
License: CeCILL-B
License: CeCILL-C
License: CeCILL (open-source GPL compatible)
License: CeCILLv2
License: CERN
License: cipher-rc4 license
License: Cisco
License: CITEL-BSD
License: ckermit
License: Clearcut
License: CLICK
License: CLIPS
License: CMAKE
License: CollabNet
License: commercial or GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0, with the following exception:
License: Commercial or LGPL or GPL-3.0
License: Common Public License Version 1.0 (CPL)
License: Computer Associates Open Source Software License V.1.0
License: config-h
License: connection-licence
License: Copy from IJG (6b)
License: Copyleft
License: copyright-disclaimer
License: CPAL-1.0
License: CPAL-1.0/AGPL-3.0
License: CPAL-1.0 or AGPL-3.0
License: CPL
License: CPL-0.5+
License: CPL-1
License: CPL-1.0
License: CPOL-1.02
License: crashme
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
License: Creative_Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
License: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA) v3.0
License: Creative-Commons-CC0-1.0-Universal
License: Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0
License: curl
License: custom
License: Custom
License: Custom-AMQP-Working-Group
License: Custom BSD like
License: custom-permissive-attribution
License: dcraw
License: Debian logo common free software license
License: Debian Open Use Logo License
License: DEPSLIB-other
License: diagrams-gtk license
License: diagrams-svg license
License: dlmalloc
License: DOM4J
License: Drascula-License
License: Dual
License: Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:
License: Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL licenses
License: Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
License: dual-tree license
License: EDL-1.0
License: emboss
License: EPL
License: EPL-1
License: EPL-1.0
License: EPL-1.0 and EDL-1.0
License: EPL and Apache-2.0
License: EST
License: EST and LGPL-2.1+
License: even-shorter-GPL-2
License: EVMSUG
License: expat
License: Expat
License:  Expat
License: Expat 
License: EXpat
License: EXPAT
License: Expat~0-clause
License: Expat and BSD-2-clause
License: Expat and BSD-3-clause and BSD-4-clause
License: Expat and GPL-2
License: Expat and GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exception
License: Expat and public-domain
License: Expat customized
License: Expat~Ghostgum
License: Expatish
License: Expat-Like
License: Expat~modrequest
License: Expat~no-attribution
License: Expat+no-false-attribs
License: Expat or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: Expat or BSD-3-clause
License: Expat or BSD-3-clause or GPL
License: Expat or GPL
License: Expat or GPL-1
License: Expat or GPL-1+
License: Expat or GPL-1+ or Artistic
License: Expat or GPL-2
License: Expat or GPL-2+
License: Expat or GPL-2 or BSD-3-clause
License: Expat or GPL-3
License: Expat or GPL-3+
License: Expat or LGPL
License: Expat or public-domain
License: Expat or Ruby
License: Expat or Specific
License: Expat~SunSoft
License: Expat~SunSoft with SunSoft exception
License: Expat-vinay
License: Expat with X exception
License: Expat~Wu
License: Expat~X
License: Expat~X with X exception
License: Expat̃X with X exception
License: fair-use
License: FDclone
License: Festvox
License: Festvox and LGPL-2.1
License: fftsg
License: FHS
License: findlib
License: FIXME
License: Flag-Icon-License
License: Flight-of-the-Amazon-Queen-License
License: Fluendo
License: FLU-LGPL-2.1+
License: font-Adobe
License: #foreach($license in $licenses)${license}#if($velocityHasNext) or #end#end
License: For terms of use, see http://www.unicode.org/terms_of_use.html
License: FOSS Exception
License: Fourthought
License: FPL
License: FPL and GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exception dual license
License: FrameMgr
License: free
License: Free
License: FreeArt
License: FreeArtLicense
License: FreeB
License: FreeB-1.1
License: FreeBSD
License: FreeBSD-doc
License: FreeBSD-like
License: FreeGLUT
License: freely redistributable
License: FreeType License
License: FreeType License or GPL-2+
License: Free Use
License: frontier-artistic
License: FSF-aclocal.m4
License: FSF-automake
License: FSF-configure
License: FSF-configure, and GPL-2+ with Libtool exception or Expat
License: FSF-configure-unlimited
License: FSF-Makefile.in
License: FSF-unlimited
License: FSF-unlimited and Expat
License: FSF-unlimited, and GPL-2+ with Libtool exception or Expat
License: FSF-unlimited-permission
License: FTL
License: FTL or GPL-2
License: FTL or GPL-2+
License: GAP
License: GAP and GPL-2+
License: GAP and GPL-2+~file with Autoconf exception
License: GAP and GPL-2+~Libtool with Libtool exception
License: GAP and GPL-2+ with Autoconf exception
License: GAP~author
License: GAP~autotools
License: GAP~Boost
License: GAP~config.status
License: GAP~configure
License: GAP configure
License: GAP~configure and GAP~config.status
License: GAP~documentation
License: GAP~gettext
License: GAP Giel
License: GAPlike
License: GAP~Makefile.in
License: GAP Makefile.in
License: GAP~Makefile.in and GAP~author
License: GAP~Makefile.in and GAP~pure-exception
License: GAP~Makefile.in and GPL-2+
License: GAP~Makefile.in.in
License: GAP other
License: GAP po/Makefile.in.in
License: GAP~pure-exception
License: Gareth_McCaughan
License: Gdcm
License: generic-bsd
License: GFDL
License: GFDL-1.1
License: GFDL-1.1+
License: GFDL-1.1+-NIV-NFC-NBC
License: GFDL-1.2
License: GFDL-1.2+
License: GFDL-1.2+ or CC-SA-3.0
License: GFDL-1.3
License: GFDL-1.3+
License: GFDL-NIV
License: GFDL-NIV+
License: GFDL-NIV-1.1
License: GFDL-NIV-1.1+
License: GFDL-NIV-1.1+ and GPL-2+
License: GFDL-NIV-1.2
License: GFDL-NIV-1.2+
License: GFDL-NIV-1.3
License: GFDL-NIV-1.3+
License: GIF
License: GL2PS
License: GL2PS-2
License: GL2PS or LGPL-2
License: GLURaw license
License: glut
License: GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3
License:  GNU-All-Permissive-License
License: GNU-All-Permissive-License
License: GNU-All-Permissive-License 
License: GNU-All-Permissive-License  
License: GNU-All-Permissive-License-like
License: GNU copyright 
License: GNU GPL 2+
License: GNU Lesser General Public License, v. 2.1
License: GNU Lesser GPL v3
License: GNU-permissive
License: GPL
License: GPL 
License: GPL-1
License: GPL-1 
License: GPL-1+
License: GPL-1+ 
License: GPL-1.0
License: GPL-1.0+
License: GPL-1.0+ or Artistic-1.0
License: GPL-1.2+ or Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
License: GPL-1+ and LDP
License:  GPL-1+ or Artistic
License: GPL-1 or Artistic
License: GPL-1+ or Artistic
License: GPL-1 or Artistic-1
License: GPL-1+ or Artistic-1
License: GPL-1+ or Artistic-2
License: GPL-1+ or Artistic-2.0
License: GPL-1+ or Artistic, and BSD-3-clause-GENERIC
License: GPL-1+ or Artistic, and BSD-4-clause-POWERDOG
License: GPL-1+ or Artistic, and Unicode
License: GPL-1+ or MIT
License: GPL2
License:   GPL-2+
License: GPL 2+
License: GPL-2
License: GPL-2+
License: GPL-2+ 
License: GPL-2+         
License: GPL-2+.
License: GPL2+
License:   GPL-2.0+
License: GPL-2.0
License: GPL-2.0+
License: GPL-2.0+ and Expat
License: GPL-2.0+ or CC-BY-SA-3.0
License: GPL-2.0 or higher
License: GPL-2.0+ or LGPL-2.1+ or MPL-1.1
License: GPL-2.0 or MPL-1.1
License: GPL-2.0+ with autoconf exception
License: GPL-2.0+ with exception
License: GPL-2.0+ with OpenSSL exception
License: GPL-2.1 or higher
License: GPL-2+3+KDEeV
License: GPL-2+ and Apache-1.0 and RSA
License: GPL-2+ and Apache-2
License: GPL-2+ and BSD-3-clause
License: GPL-2+ and BSD-3-clause (Xiph)
License: GPL-2 and CC-BY-SA-2.5
License: GPL-2 and Expat
License: GPL-2+ and font-Adobe
License: GPL-2 and Fourthought
License: GPL-2+ and INTEL
License: GPL-2 and jQuery
License: GPL-2+ and LGPL-2+
License: GPL-2 and LGPL-2.1
License: GPL-2+ and LGPL-2.1+
License: GPL-2 and LGPL-2.1 and Perl
License: GPL-2+ and libjpeg
License: GPL-2 and MIT
License: GPL-2 and MIT and GPL-3+ with runtime exception and zlib
License: GPL-2+-and-MPL-1.1
License: GPL-2+ and other
License: GPL-2 and Other
License: GPL-2 and PD
License: GPL-2 and PHP
License: GPL-2 and Python
License: GPL-2~either
License: GPL-2+exception
License: GPL-2+~file
License: GPL-2+~file with Autoconf exception
License: GPL-2+ (FIXME)
License: GPL-2 + Font Exception
License: GPL-2+~GCC
License: GPL2/GPL3
License: GPL-2+~header
License: GPL-2~jack-audio-connection-kit
License: GPL-2~jackd2
License: GPL-2 | LGPL-2.1 | MPL-1.1
License: GPL-2+ LGPL-2 or later (with incorrect FSF address)
License: GPL-2+~Libav
License: GPL-2+~Libtool
License: GPL-2+~Libtool with Libtool exception
License: GPL-2+-link
License: GPL-2+-link and ISC and IBM
License: GPL-2~maybe-later-too
License: GPL-2~or
License: GPL-2-or-3
License: GPL-2-or-3 and GPL-2+
License: GPL-2-or-3 and LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-2+
License: GPL-2+ or AFL-2.1
License: GPL-2+ or AFPL~AFPL
License: GPL-2+ or Apache
License: GPL-2+ or Apache-2.0
License: GPL-2+ or Apache-2.0 or Apache-1.0
License: GPL-2 or Artistic
License: GPL-2+ or Artistic
License: GPL-2 or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: GPL-2 or BSD-2-clause
License: GPL-2+ or BSD-2-clause
License: GPL-2+ or BSD-2-Clause
License: GPL-2 or BSD-3-clause
License: GPL-2 or CC-BY-SA-3.0
License: GPL-2 or CDDL
License: GPL-2+ or configure-same-as-package
License: GPL-2 or expat
License: GPL-2 or Expat
License: GPL-2+ or Expat
License: GPL-2 or Expat and BSD-3-clause-author
License: GPL-2 or Fluendo
License: GPL-2+ or FTL
License: GPL-2 or GFDL
License: GPL-2+ or GFDL-1.2+ or LGPL-2+
License: GPL-2+ or GFDL-NIV
License: GPL-2+ or GFDL-NIV-1.1+
License: GPL-2+ or GL2PS-2
License: GPL-2 or GPL-2+
License: GPL-2 or GPL-3
License: GPL-2 or GPL-3+
License: GPL-2 or GPL-3 or other
License: GPL-2+ or GPL-3+ with KDE e.V. exception
License: GPL-2 or later
License: GPL-2 or later, or Ruby
License: GPL-2+ or LDP
License: GPL2+ or LGPL
License: GPL-2 or LGPL-2
License: GPL-2+ or LGPL-2+
License: GPL-2 or LGPL-2.1
License: GPL-2+ or LGPL-2.1+
License: GPL-2 or LGPL-2.1 or MPL-1.1
License: GPL-2+ or LGPL-2.1 or MPL-1.1
License: GPL-2+ or LGPL-2.1+ or MPL-1.1+
License: GPL-2+ or LGPL-2+ or BSD-3-clause
License: GPL-2+ or LGPL-3.0+
License: GPL-2+ or libtool-same-as-package
License: GPL-2+ or macro-archive-same-as-package
License: GPL-2 or MIT
License: GPL-2+ or MIT
License: GPL2 or MIT
License: GPL-2 or MIT, according to http://benalman.com/about/license/
License: GPL-2 or MIT, and BSD
License: GPL-2 or MIT or BSD
License: GPL-2+ or MPL-1.1
License: GPL-2 or MPL-1.1 or LGPL-2.1
License: GPL-2+ or other
License: GPL-2+ or PHP
License: GPL-2 or QPL-1
License: GPL-2 or Ruby
License: GPL-2+ or Ruby
License: GPL-2 or Ruby, and PSF
License: GPL-2+ or Ruby's
License: GPL-2+ or TGPPL1+
License: GPL-2+ or Zlib
License: GPL-2+</programlisting>
License: GPL-2-unifont
License: GPL-2+ with Ada exception
License: GPL-2+ with a special exception
License: GPL-2 with autoconf exception
License: GPL-2+ with autoconf exception
License: GPL-2 with Autoconf exception
License: GPL-2+  with Autoconf exception
License: GPL-2+ with Autoconf exception
License: GPL-2+ with Autoconf exception or Expat
License: GPL-2+ with Autoconf Macro exception
License:  GPL2+-with-Autoconf-Macros-exception
License: GPL2+-with-Autoconf-Macros-exception
License: GPL-2+ with bison exception
License: GPL-2+ with Bison exception
License: GPL-2 with CGAL exception
License: GPL-2+ with CGAL exception
License: GPL-2-with-classpath-exception
License: GPL-2+ with classpath exception
License: GPL-2 with Classpath exception
License: GPL-2+ with Classpath Exception
License: GPL-2 with CUPS exceptions
License: GPL-2 with DUNE exception
License: GPL-2+ with exception for Mozilla
License: GPL-2 with exceptions
License: GPL-2+ with font exception
License: GPL-2 with Font exception
License: GPL-2+ with Font exception
License: GPL-2+ with Font exception and OFL-1.1
License: GPL-2+ with font exemption
License: GPL-2+ (with FOSS License Exception)
License: GPL-2+ with GNU-Common-C++ exception
License: GPL-2 with Liberation exceptions
License: GPL-2+ with Libtool exception
License: GPL-2+ with Libtool exception or Expat
License: GPL-2+ with link exception
License: GPL-2 with linking exception
License: GPL-2 with OpenSSL exception
License: GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exception
License: GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exception or Artistic
License: GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exception or Artistic, and BSD
License: GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exception or gSOAP public licence
License: GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exemption
License: GPL-2 with SequiturG2P exception
License: GPL-2+ with special exception
License: GPL-2+ with special linking exception
License: GPL-2 with SSL exception
License: GPL-2+ with Texinfo exception
License: GPL-2+, with the following exception:
License: GPL-2+~xine
License: GPL-2+~you
License: GPL-2+~you or AFPL
License: GPL-2+~you or AFPL~AFPL
License: GPL3
License: GPL-3
License: GPL-3 
License: GPL-3+
License: GPL-3+ 
License: GPL-3+           
License: GPL3+
License: GPL3+ 
License: GPL-3.0
License: GPL-3.0+
License: GPL-3.0+ and Apache-2.0
License: GPL-3.0+ and CC-BY-SA-3.0
License: GPL-3.0 or MIT
License: GPL-3.0-with-autoconf-exception
License: GPL-3.0+ with Font exception
License: GPL-3.0+ with FreeFont exception
License: GPL-3.0+ with OpenSSL exception
License: GPL-3.0+ with template exception
License: GPL-3+ and BSD-3-clause
License: GPL-3+ and Expat
License: GPL-3 and GFDL-1.3
License: GPL-3 and other
License: GPL-3+ and umac
License: GPL-3+~ART
License: GPL-3+~Artifex
License: GPL-3+ + exception
License: GPL-3+~Flowblade
License: GPL-3+~manual-page
License: GPL-3+ or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: GPL-3+ or BSD-2-clause
License: GPL-3+ or BSD-3-clause
License: GPL-3+ or Custom
License: GPL-3-or-Ext-JS-license
License: GPL-3+ or FOSS Exception or Link Exception
License: GPL-3+ or GPL-2
License: GPL-3 or LGPL-2.1 or Qt-Commercial-License
License: GPL3+ or LGPL3+
License: GPL-3+ or MIT
License: GPL-3 or MIT/Expat
License: GPL-3+ or other
License: GPL-3+~Toonloop
License: GPL-3+ with addtional permission
License: GPL-3+ with autoconf-archive exception
License: GPL3+-with-Autoconf-Configure-Script-3-exception
License: GPL-3+ with Autoconf exception
License: GPL-3+ with Autoconf exeption
License: GPL3+-with-Autoconf-Macros-exception
License: GPL-3+ with bison exception
License: GPL-3+ with Bison exception
License: GPL-3+ with Library exception
License: GPL-3+ with linking exception for libytnef
License: GPL-3 with OpenSSL exception
License: GPL-3+ with OpenSSL exception
License: GPL-3+ with special exception
License: GPL-3+ with Texinfo exception
License: GPL-any
License: GPL~CUPS
License: GPL-ever
License: GPL GPL-2+
License: GPL LGPL-2.1+
License: GPL~LIPS
License: GPL or Expat
License: GPL or LGPL
License: GPL or LGPL or MPL
License: GPL or MIT
License: GPL~URW
License: GPL~URW with font exception
License: GPL v1 or later
License: GPLv2
License: GPL v2
License: GPLv2+
License: GPL (v2 or later)
License: GPLv2_runtime_exception
License: GPLv3
License: GPL-v3
License: GPLv3+
License: GRL
License: Gust-Font
License: GZip
License: Haines
License: Hanazono Font License
License: Hanazono Font License or Open Font License
License: Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer (HPND)
License: hoogle license
License: HOWTO
License: HOWTO and LDP
License: HSIEH-BSD
License: Hybrid-BSD
License: i18nIMProto
License: IBM
License: IBM-Corp-2007
License: IBM-License
License: icclib
License: idna license
License: IJG
License: ImageMagick
License: ImageMagick  
License: ImageMagick        
License: ImageMagick                                
License: ImageMagickLicensePartEZXML
License: ImageMagickLicensePartFIG
License: ImageMagickLicensePartGsview
License: ImageMagickLicensePartOpenSSH
License: ImageMagickPartGraphicsMagick
License: ImageMagickPartlibjpeg
License: IMdkit
License: infozip
License: Info-ZIP
License: install-sh
License: INTEL
License: interface-only
License: IPA-1
License: ISC
License: ISC and BSD-3-clause and BSD-4-clause
License: ISC and Expat
License: ISCL
License: ISC license
License: ISC~UC
License: ISO-permissive
License: ivykis-man
License: Johnson_M._Hart
License: JPEG
License: JPEG License
License: jQuery
License: JScheme
License: jyutping
License: KDE-GPL
License: KiNG-License
License: KISS-BSD
License: Kitware
License: Kitware-BSD
License: LDP
License: LGP-2.1+
License: LGP-2.1f+
License: LGPL
License: LGPL~
License: LGPL-2
License: LGPL-2+
License: LGPL2+
License: LGPL-2.0
License: LGPL-2.0+
License: LGPL-2.01
License: LGPL 2.1
License: LGPL 2.1+
License: LGPL-2.1
License: LGPL-2.1 
License: LGPL-2.1,
License: LGPL-2.1+
License: LGPL-2.1+:
License: LGPL2.1
License: LGPL-2.1+3+KDEeV
License: LGPL-2.1 and Expat
License: LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-2+
License: LGPL-2.1+ and LGPL-2.1+~program-in-file
License: LGPL-2.1+ and link exception
License: LGPL-2.1+ and MIT (Brian Paul)
License: LGPL-2.1 and other
License: LGPL-2.1+ and other
License: LGPL-2.1+~C
License: LGPL-2.1-exception
License: LGPL-2.1+~GNULibC
License: LGPL-2.1+~header
License: LGPL-2.1+~Libav
License: LGPL-2.1+ or Apache-2.0
License: LGPL-2.1+ or Artistic-2.0
License: LGPL-2.1+ or BSD-2-clause
License: LGPL-2.1 or BSD-2-clause-modified
License: LGPL-2.1 or BSD-X11
License: LGPL-2.1 or CDDL
License: LGPL-2.1+ or CPL-0.5+
License: LGPL-2.1 or CPL-1.0
License: LGPL-2.1 or GPL-2
License: LGPL-2.1+ or GPL-2
License: LGPL-2.1+ or GPL-2+ or Apache-2.0+
License: LGPL-2.1 or GPL-2 or MPL-1.1
License: LGPL-2.1 or GPL-3
License: LGPL-2.1+ or GPL-3
License: LGPL-2.1+ or GPL-3.0+
License: LGPL-2.1 or LGPL-3
License: LGPL-2.1 or LGPL-3+
License: LGPL-2.1+ or LGPL-3+
License: LGPL-2.1-or-LGPL-3-or-eV
License: LGPL-2.1 or MIT
License: LGPL-2.1 or MPL
License: LGPL-2.1 or MPL-1.0
License: LGPL-2.1 or MPL-1.1
License: LGPL-2.1+ or MPL-1.1+ or BSD-3-clause
License: LGPL-2.1+ or MPL-2
License: LGPL-2.1 or other
License: LGPL-2.1+, other
License: LGPL-2.1~pcl3
License: LGPL-2.1+~program-in-file
License: LGPL-2.1withAddon
License: LGPL-2.1 with Digia Qt LGPL exception
License: LGPL-2.1 with Digia Qt LGPL Exception 1.1
License: LGPL-2.1 with Digia Qt LGPL Exception 1.1 or GPL-3
License: LGPL-2.1 with Digia Qt LGPL exception or GPL-3
License: LGPL-2.1 with exception
License: LGPL-2.1 with KDE Artists clarification
License: LGPL-2.1-with-linking-exception
License: LGPL-2.1+ with OpenSSL exception
License: LGPL-2.1+ with Perl exception
License: LGPL-2.1 with some exception
License: LGPL-2.1+-with-special-linking-exception
License: LGPL-2+ and other
License: LGPL-2 | Apache-2.0
License: LGPL-2+~C
License: LGPL-2+~DObject
License: LGPL-2-exception
License: LGPL-2-exception | GPL-2
License: LGPL-2+~Gnome
License: LGPL-2+~Lesser
License: LGPL-2+~Lesser~header
License: LGPL-2+ or BSD-2-clause or MIT
License: LGPL-2+ or GPL-2+
License: LGPL-2 or GPL-2 or MPL-1.1
License: LGPL-2 or LGPL-2.1 or LGPL-3
License: LGPL-2 or LGPL-3
License: LGPL-2 or LGPL-3 or later approved by KDE e.V.
License: LGPL-2+ or MPL-1.1
License: LGPL-2+ or other-nonfree-1
License: LGPL-2 with exceptions
License: LGPL-2+ with GStreamer link exception
License: LGPL-2+ with static linking exception
License: LGPL-3
License: LGPL-3+
License: LGPL3+
License: LGPL-3.0
License: LGPL-3.0+
License: LGPL-3.0+ and Apache-2.0
License: LGPL-3.0+ with linking exception
License: LGPL-3+ | GPL-2+
License: LGPL-3 only
License: LGPL-3 or CC-BY-SA-3.0
License: LGPL-3 or LGPL-2.1 or (LGPL-3 and LGPL-2.1)
License: LGPL-3 or MIT/X11
License: LGPL-3+ or Ruby's License
License: LGPL-3+ | other
License: LGPL-3+~uCommon
License: LGPL3+-with-Autoconf-Macros-exception
License: LGPL-any
License: LGPL | Apache-2.0
License: LGPL-ever
License: LGPL/Nokia
License: LGPLv2+
License: LGPL v2.1
License: LGPLv2.1
License: LGPLv2.1+
License: LGPLv3
License: liberal
License: libjpeg
License: libpwquality
License: libpwquality or GPL-2+
License: LibRaw license
License: Libtool-permissive
License: $license
License: Licensed under the Academic Free License 2.1.
License: License for Scintilla and SciTE
License: license-terms
License: like-BSD-2-clause
License: Limited-apache
License: link exception
License: Link Exception
License: LinuxTag-Green-OpenMusic
License: love-artwork
License: LPGL-2.1
License: LPGL-2.1 and Nokia_Exception or GPL-3
License: LPPL
License: LPPL-1+
License: LPPL-1.2+
License: LPPL-1.3
License: LPPL-1.3+
License: LPPL-1.3a+
License: LPPL-1.3c
License: LPPL-1.3c+
License: lrucache license
License: Lucent
License: Lure-of-the-Temptress-License
License: lwip-BSD
License: m4
License: Mach OS
License: mafft
License: magic
License: Magick++
License: Magick++                                                                          
License: Main Django Code Licence
License: matplotlib
License: MBSI-BSD
License: md5
License: MD5
License: MD5-fourmilab
License: mersenne-random-pure64 license
License: Mesa
License: M+FONTS
License: M+FONTS and BSD-3-clause
License: mingw-runtime
License: Mini-XML
License: MIT
License: MIT(*)
License: MIT(**)
License: MIT2
License: MIT~advertising
License: MIT + advertising clause
License: MIT alike
License: MIT and BSD-3
License: MIT and BSD-3-clause
License: MIT-and-GPL
License: MIT and GPL-2
License: MIT and GPL-2+
License: MIT and GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exception
License: MIT and GPL-3+
License: MIT and PSF
License: MIT-apple
License: MIT (Brian Paul)
License: MIT-cuda
License: MIT-Delaware
License: MIT-Ellinghouse
License: MIT/Expat
License: MIT | GPL-2
License: MIT, GPL-2
License: MIT-jquery
License: MIT~Kaz
License: MIT-Kerberos
License: MIT-Kula
License: MIT License
License: MIT License (MIT-LICENSE.txt)
License: MIT-like
License: MIT-LIKE
License: MIT-Lucent
License: MIT-Martinez
License: MIT-OMalley
License: MIT or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: MIT or BSD
License: MIT or BSD-3-clause
License: MIT or BSD or GPL-2
License: MIT or GPL
License: MIT or GPL-1
License: MIT or GPL-1+
License: MIT or GPL-2
License: MIT or GPL-2+
License: MIT or GPL-2+ 
License: MIT or GPL-2 and MIT or BSD-3-clause or GPL-2
License: MIT or GPL-2+ or BSD or Apache-2.0
License: MIT or GPL-2 with Sizzle exception
License: MIT or Ruby
License: MIT~Prototype
License: MIT~Redhat
License: MIT-rickshaw
License: MIT~Rushing
License: MIT-Rushing
License: MIT-Sajip
License: MIT-SecretLabs
License: MIT~short
License: MIT~short and GPL-2+
License: MIT-style
License: MIT~UMICH
License: MIT~UMICH and MIT~short
License: MIT~UMICH and MIT~short and UNKNOWN
License: MIT-with-addition
License: MIT~Wu
License: MIT~X
License: MIT/X
License: MIT (X11)
License: MIT-X11
License: MIT/X11
License: MIT/X11 (BSD like)
License: MIT/X11-BSD-like
License: MIT/X11 (BSD like) GPL
License: MIT/X11 (BSD like) GPL-2+
License: MIT/X11 (BSD like) LGPL-2+
License: MIT/X11-like
License: MIT-X-Consortium
License: MIT/X Consortium License
License: MIT~X with X exception
License: Mixed LGPL-2.1 and BSD
License: Mixed MIT and LGPL-2.1 with Digia Qt LGPL exception
License: mixture
License: modified-BSD
License: Modified BSD License
License: Modified BSD License (also known as New or Revised BSD)
License: MOEBSD
License: monoid-extras license
License: MPL
License: MPL 1.0
License: MPL-1.0
License: MPL 1.1
License: MPL-1.1
License: MPL-1.1+
License: MPL1.1
License: MPL-1.1 and GPL-2.0 and LGPL-2.1
License: MPL-1.1 GPL
License: MPL-1.1/GPL-2.0/LGPL-2.1
License: MPL1.1-GPL2.0+-LGPL2.1+
License: MPL-1.1 | GPL-2 | LGPL-2
License: MPL-1.1/GPL-2/LGPL-2.1
License: MPL-1.1 | GPL-3+ | LGPL-3+
License: MPL-1.1 GPL GPL-2+ LGPL (v2 or later) (with incorrect FSF address)
License: MPL-1.1 GPL (unversioned/unknown version)
License: MPL-1.1 LGPL-2+
License: MPL-1.1 | LGPL-2.1
License: MPL 1.1 | LGPL-2+ | GPL-2+
License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2+
License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2.0 or LGPL-2.1
License: MPL 1.1 or GPL-2 or LGPL-2.1
License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2 or LGPL 2.1
License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2 or LGPL-2.1
License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2+ or LGPL-2.1+
License: MPL1.1 or GPL-2 or LGPL-2.1
License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2+ or LGPL-2.1+, and MIT
License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-2+ or LGPL-3
License: MPL-1.1 or GPL-3
License: MPL-1.1 or LGPL-2+
License: MPL-1.2
License: MPL-2
License: MPL-2.0
License: MPL-and-GPL-2
License: MPL or GPL-2
License: MPL or GPL-2+
License:  MPL or GPL-2 or LGPL-2.1
License: MPL or GPL-2 or LGPL-2.1
License: Ms-PL
License: Ms-PL or LGPL-2.1
License: MT19937-64 license
License: MTL
License: multiple-license
License: MX4J-10
License: MX4J-10 and CPAL-1.0
License: NanoXML2
License: NCSA
License: Nelson-Minar
License: NetBSD
License: NetBSD-similar
License: Nethack-General-Public-License
License: Netscape
License: Netscape Public License Version 1.1
License: New BSD License
License: noderivs
License: Nokia_Exception
License: no-modification
License: none
License: None
License: not-applicable
License: not-the-CC-BY-ND-3.0
License: NPL-1.1
License: NPL-1.1 or GPL-2+ or LGPL-2.1+
License: NSD-BSD-like
License: nSIFT license
License: NTP
License: NTP~Lucent
License: NTP~Open
License: NTP~Rushing
License: NTP~WSU
License: NVIDIA
License: ObjectName license
License: ocaml
License: OFL
License: OFL 1.1
License: OFL-1.1
License:  OFL 1.1 and GPL-2 + Font Exception
License: OOURA
License: OpenBSD~Lucent
License: openbve-permissive
License: Open Font License
License: OpenGLRaw license
License: OpenGroup-BSD-like
License: openpub
License: Open Software License version 3.0
License: open-source
License: OpenSSL
License: OpenSSL License
License: OSL-1.1
License: other
License: other 
License: Other
License: Other 
License: other-1
License: other-2
License: other-3
License: other-4
License: other-adpcm
License: other-boost-1.0
License: other-BSD
License: other-bsd-3-clause-kissft
License: other-bsd-3-clause-speex
License: other (BSD-4-clause)
License: other-bsd-4-clause-1
License: other-bsd-4-clause-2
License: other-bsd-like
License: other (BSD like)
License: other-BSD-UC
License: other-GAP
License: other-GAP-gettext
License: other-glew
License: other-mit
License: other-MIT-style-KHRONOS
License: other-mixed-1
License: other-ModifiedBSD
License: other-nonfree-1
License: other-OpenBSD-Webworks
License: other or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: other or GPL-2
License: other-PD
License: other~PngSuite
License: other-portaudio
License: others
License: other-sa
License: other-Sun
License: other-targa
License: other-TwikiDraw
License: Other-UD
License: Other-x
License: Other-y
License: Other-z
License: own
License: ${packagerLicense}
License: Paul Hsieh derivative license
License: pause
License: PCRE
License: PD
License: PD 
License: PDB
License: PD-debian
License: PD-dedication
License: PDL
License: PDLIKE1
License: PDLIKE2
License: PDLIKE3
License: PDL or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: PD (public domain)
License: PEG-shorted-Expat
License: perl
License: Perl
License: Perl and GPL-2
License: perl-and-more
License: Perl / BSD
License: Perllikelicence
License: Permisive
License: permissive
License: permissive-ba
License: permissive-fsf
License: permissive-long-disclaimer
License: permissive-nowarranty
License: permissive-short-disclaimer
License: permissive-sun
License: permissive-tn
License: permissive-without-disclaimer
License: permissive-without-notices-or-disclaimer
License: PHP
License: PHP 3.01
License: PHP 3.0.1
License: PHP-3.01
License: PHP-3.0.1
License: Pipeline-Associates-PS
License: Plastimatch license
License: <please-check>
License: pnpoly license
License: POEMS-License
License: Poetic
License: PortAudio-x
License: PostgreSQL License
License: Powell-snprintf
License: preserve-notice
License: Prior BSD License
License: probably-PD
License: process-extras license
License: PSF
License: PSF-2
License: PSF-2 and GPL-3+
License: PSF License
License: PSF or Zope
License: psfrag
License: PSF | ZPL
License: public domain
License: public-domain
License: Public domain
License: Public-domain
License: PublicDomain
License: Public Domain
License: Public_Domain
License: Public-Domain
License: public-domain-2
License: public-domain and GPL-3+
License: Public Domain - Base64
License: public-domain-claim
License: PublicDomain_Edgar_Simo
License: public-domain~Kroon
License: PublicDomain_Sam_Lantinga
License: public-use
License: punycode license
License: Purdue
License: pybench
License: pycrypto
License: python
License: Python
License: Python-2.0
License: Python-CNRI
License: Python-license
License: python-numeric
License: Python Software Foundation License
License: qhullbsd
License: QPL
License: QPL-1
License: QPL-1.0-with-linking-exception
License: QPL-1 and other
License: QPL-exception
License: QPL (part of Qt) GPL-2+
License: QtCommercial
License: QtCommercial or LGPL-2.1 with some exception or GPL-3
License: QWT-1.0
License: QwtPlot3D
License: RDS-Data-Security
License: REGCOMP
License: REGCOMP, and GPL-1+ or Artistic
License: rfc
License: RHash
License: Rnews.sty
License: rra-public-domain
License: RSA
License: RSA-BSD
License: RSA_Data_Security
License: RSA Data Security License
License: RSA Inc. License
License: RSA-MD5
License: RSA-MD5 and BSD-3-clause
License: Ruby
License: Ruby | GPL
License: Ruby License
License: Ruby License or GPL-2+
License: Ruby or GPL
License: Ruby or GPL-2
License: Ruby or GPL-2+
License: Ruby or GPL-2 LGPL-3+
License: Ruby or GPL-2+ or Artistic
License: Ruby or GPL-2 or GPL-3
License: Ruby or GPL-2 or LGPL-3+
License: Ruby or LGPL-3+
License: Ruby's
License: Ruby's Licence
License: Ruby's License
License: Ruby with exception
License: S2P
License: same
License: Same
License: Same as abacas
License: same-as-genetics
License: same-as-mafft
License: same-as-phyml
License: Same-as-SSAKE-itelf
License: same as upstream
License: same-as-upstream
License: Same-As-Upstream
License: Scintilla
License: sendmail
License: Sendmail
License: Sequence Library License
License: setenv license
License: SGI
License: SGI_atlantis
License: SGI-FreeB
License: SGI-FreeB-2.0
License: SGI Free Software B License (v2.0)
License: SGI-Free-Software-License-B-2.0
License: SGI Free Software License B, Version 1.1
License: SGI-OpenGL
License: short-GPL-2
License: show-copyright
License: SIL-1.1
License: SIL OFL 1.1
License: SIL-OFL-1.1
License: SIL Open Font License
License: SIL-Open-Font-License-1.1
License: SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1 – 26 February 2007
License: SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1 (http://scripts.sil.org/OFL)
License: similar-to-BSD-3-Clause
License: Simplified BSD
License: Simplified BSD License
License: sizzle-js is MIT or BSD or GPL
License: SML/NJ license
License: SOFA
License: special
License: <special license>
License: Specific
License: staden
License: stringprep license
License: Sun
License: SUN
License: SUN-All-Permissive-License
License: sun-BSD
License: SunPro
License: SunPro-Attribution
License: SWsoft
License: targa
License: TatcherUlrichPublicDomain
License: Tcl
License: Tcl License
License: Tcl/Tk license
License: Tensor license
License: terminal-progress-bar license
License: TeX
License: TEXT-TABS
License: TGPPL1+
License: THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42)
License: The BSD 2-Clause License
License: The Debian packaging is distributed under the same license as the
License: The famfamfam Silk icon set created by Mark James can be found at
License: The Inner Net License, Version 2.00
License: The-Janelia-Farm-Software-License
License: The MIT License
License: The TMate Open Source License
License: This work is licensed under a PSF compatible license.
License: threads license
License: time-compat license
License: TINY
License: tobeclarified
License: trace
License: Troy D. Hanson License
License: TUB
License: tux
License: UC-copyleft
License: umac
License: UmeFont
License: unclear
License: Unclear
License: under-the-MIT-license
License: unicode
License: Unicode
License: Unicode-data
License: Unicode-Data
License: Unicode, Inc. License Agreement
License: unknown
License: Unknown
License: UNKNOWN
License: Unlicense
License: unlimited
License: Unlimited-permission
License: unRAR license + LGPL/CPL
License: unspecified
License: Unspecified
License: USC
License: Various BSD style licenses
License: verbatim
License: Vim License
License: VJ-BSD
License: voidspace-bsd
License: Voidspace-BSD
License: Vovida
License: VTKBSD
License: W3C
License: W3C-Document
License: W3C-Document and W3C-Software
License: W3C or WHATWG-HTML
License: W3C-permissive
License: W3C-permissive and ISO-permissive
License: W3C-Software
License: W3C Software License (19980720)
License: w3m
License: whatever
License: Whatever
License: whatever-you-want
License: WTFL
License: WTFPL
License: WTFPL2
License: WTFPL-2
License: WTFPL and BSD-2-Clause
License: WTFPL GPL-2+
License: WTFPLv2
License: wxWidgets
License: wxwindows
License: wxwindows 
License: wxWindows
License: wxWindows-3
License: wxWindows and RDS-Data-Security
License: X11
License:  X11
License: X11 License
License: X11 with fonts exception
License: X-Consortium
License: xdemineur
License: Xen-interface
License: XimProto
License: X-install-sh
License: Xtrans
License: Zeus
License: ZIP
License: zlib
License: Zlib
License: ZLib
License: ZLIB
License: Zlib and GPL-3+
License: Zlib and rfc
License: zlib-libpng
License: zlib/libpng
License: zlib/libpng and infozip
License: zlib/libpng and RSA_Data_Security
License: zlib/libpng BSD (4 clause) ISC MIT/X11 (BSD like)
License: zlib/libpng BSD (4 clause) MIT/X11 (BSD like)
License: zlib/libpng GPL-3+
License: zlib/libpng Public domain
License: zlib-license
License: zlib-License
License: zlib/lipng
License: ZLIB or Artistic or GPL-1+
License: ZLIB or GPL
License: Zlib or GPL-2+
License: Zope
License: Zope-2.1
License: ZPL 2.1
License: ZPL-2.1
License: LGPL-2+

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