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Bug#516530: [unpack,reporting] support multiple sections

clone 516530 -1
tag -1 - patch
retitle -1 [general] update wording of "sections" and "categories" to "areas"

2009/2/22 Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>:
> Can you also rev the index format and include the archive area in the
> indices?  We're going to want that information available for the reporting
> harness to note packages that aren't in main.

The changes would be a bit more intrusive and the lab would need to be
completely regenerated. If you are fine with that, so am I.

> (We should also change all terminology in Lintian that calls this a
> section or category to call it an archive area instead, which is the
> terminology used by the Social Contract and in the next version of Policy,
> but that can be done later.)

Cloned :)

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