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Re: Couple of patches

Raphael Geissert wrote:
> I just started to optimise the code, reduce number of calls, etc based on
> the profiling data (by moving some code I reduced over 2k function calls).
> Will send some patches tomorrow.

Attached is the first set.
We could speed up lintian a bit more by:
* Running the collection scripts in multiple threads.
* Use threads or Async to run some of the Lintian::Collection methods if we
know we are going to use them, before the actual checks/ script needing it
is called (proper execution order of checks/ scripts is needed).
* Turning the *desc files into perl code to avoid the extra overhead of
parsing them everytime lintian is run. This could be done in a private/
script which would be run at some step during the package build process.
Only the final .deb package would really benefit from this; although we
have to be careful if we use make to know when a .desc file has changed due
to git's lack of timestamps preservation.


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