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Bug#513831: checks/copyright-file: some glitches

On Sun, 2009-02-01 at 16:47 +0100, gregor herrmann wrote:
> When I run the new lintian against libnetaddr-ip-perl
> (debian/copyright attached) I get:
> $ lintian --info --pedantic --color=auto /home/gregoa/src/svn-pkg-perl/trunk/build-area/libnetaddr-ip-perl_4.024+dfsg-1_i386.changes 
> P: libnetaddr-ip-perl: copyright-refers-to-symlink-license usr/share/common-licenses/GPL
> Use of uninitialized value $_ in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/lintian/checks/copyright-file line 165.
> Looking at the code it seems that $_ gets "eaten" in
> checks/copyright-file, line 159, if --info is used. The attached
> patch saves $_ (but I guess the problem is more in lib/Tags.pm?).

Your diagnosis of the problem is right, but the fix will only solve one
specific issue. For reference, the problem was in lib/Util.pm; it's
probably been there for years but was only exposed by the creation of
Lintian::Tag::Info. (See #513795 and commit

> The second glitch is the check for the Perl license in the same
> section of the code. Looking for "as Perl itself" is a good start but
> does not work for debian/copyright files with the new format that
> just have
> License-Alias: Perl
> License: GPL-1+ | Artistic
> and then have standalone stanzas for "License: GPL-1+" and "License:
> Artistic".
> The attached patch also checks for "License-Alias: Perl".

Applied; thanks.


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