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Bug#235866: lintian: False positives: postrm-does-not-call-updatemenus/postinst-does-not-call-updatemenus

tags #235866 unreproducible moreinfo

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 09:37:58PM +0000, Neil McGovern wrote:
> However, these do actually exist in debian/postrm and debian/postinst:
> [maulkin@vivacia:/home/debian/limewire-3.8.5] $ grep update-menus debian/*
> debian/changelog:  * Add call to update-menus in postinst and postrm. 
> debian/postinst:  if [ -x /usr/bin/update-menus ] ; then update-menus ; fi
> debian/postrm:  if [ -x /usr/bin/update-menus ] ; then update-menus ; fi

Are you sure you have fixed #195375? Until that the error is right
(but could perhaps improved to actually state the real cause for the

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