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lintian bugs that need a decision


While going through the lintian bugs I found some where
a decision from the maintainer is needed to determine the
further steps. I will just present them here:

#221982 lintian: no-shlibs-control-file should ignore /lib/libnss_*
Recommendation: Close. Should be solved with overrides.

#201470 lintian: usr-doc-symlink-to-foreign-package should require a
dependency on the same version
Recommendation: Reassign to policy. Lintian should follow policy not
creating it.

#199986: lintian: debian policy allows debian/control dependency
'enhances' in section 7.4
Recommendation: Close. I asked the submitter about the bug.
He answered once but then disappeared after I send him my
opinion why this bug is not a bug.

#192037: Why build-depends-without-arch-dep ?
#202950: lintian: should not complain about Build-Depends: debheler on
Arch: all package
#214231: lintian suggests policy violation (Build-Depends, debhelper,
Recommendation: Remove the check completly. There are two different
patches for the bug. Remove or do some parsing and handle debhelper
as a special case. IMHO Makefile parsing should be made at another place
(perhaps the debhelper checks).

Frank Lichtenheld <frank@lichtenheld.de>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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