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Re: static binary in chkrootkit

On Sat, Jan 10, 2004 at 12:13:56PM -0800, lantz moore wrote:
> hi.
> chkrootkit is designed to use a statically linked "strings" program to
> check libraries and binaries for suspicious strings.
> i get the following error from lintian:
> E: chkrootkit: statically-linked-binary ./usr/lib/chkrootkit/strings-static
> would it be possible to add an override for this?

This is somewhat like #215235 [CCed -quiet], except that one could also exclude
binaries that are named *-static from this check, not only packages.

So the answer is probably "yes".

[Disclaimer: Only reading debian-lint-maint@, no lintian maintainer]

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