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Re: Is this project alive

On 03/12/2010 11:35, Mechtilde Stehmann wrote:
Andreas Tille schrieb:
On Fri, Dec 03, 2010 at 10:48:25AM +0100, Mechtilde Stehmann wrote:
it's not death, but smelling strong ;-).
Yes :-(

The problem IMO is, that law isn't realy international, so you have to
localize software for different countries (starting how to design an
Sure.  But the sense of this project was to find some software which
might help to deal with such issues.  Education has also several
flavours all over the world and Debian Edu tries to cover the common
cases.  While the law is different in differnet countries the workflow
in lawers offices all over the world might be similar.
That should be researched.

  So lets start
with things that are equal and useful for all instead of pointing at
some unsolvable issues first.

My own project you can find here:

Would you consider packaging this stuff for Debian?

I thought about that task, but have no experience in packaging. IMO two
packages are needed: server (especielly the MySQL-stuff) and client (the

So are you Michael or Mechtilde???

I'm Michael, but this mailaccount is "normally" used for the
debian-women-mailinglist (which has a little bit more traffic than this
one ;-) ) by my wife Mechtilde. It's a kind of common mail account. (And
in "Debian" a woman is a the first place. ;-) )


I work in the IT department of a large, international law firm, and can shed a bit of light on what is required for an international setup.

We are of course very corporate and use Microsoft and mainly commercial systems. We have offices in the UK, Europe, Asia, CEE, CIS - so basically everywhere. We are trying to have a level playing field so far as IT systems go (what we call "core applications", used in all offices. I can get a definitive list of what we call "core applications", but it is basically the core MS products - Word, Outlook, etc., with a Document Management System, email archiving (very important for a large law firm - one of the major problems is the size of people's mailboxes). We have a central accounts system - Elite Enterprise, with Webview (web-based interface for fee earners and secretaries). I'm sure there's more of these core applications and I will find out what they are if anyone is interested!

In addition there are various practice-specific apps, for the UK insurance department inparticular, and case-management applications. Also some country-specific apps, especially in Amsterdam.

I agree, it would be a real pity to see this list disappear - it would be great to get it moving forward again! Let me know if I can be of any help!


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