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Re: List contains more SPAM than content

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 11:47:52AM -0700, ter wrote:
> debian-lex is a harder project than the other blends, but not because of
> technical challenges.

Definitely not.  That was my motivation for my mail.  It is rather a
social problem that the target audience has difficulties to understand
the difference of Free and proprietary software.  You can trust me that
this is quite similar in Debian Med once it comes to the non-scientific
part.  Luckily enough we have some really solid ground in universitary
research which makes a lot of support.  The medical practice part
is quite weak and possibly very similar to the Debian Lex situation.

> Some capital formation (not necessarily monetary)
> must arise to push for some domain-specific development, as has happened
> in proprietary software. The current economic times may be more
> propitious than usual for that to happen in Free Software.

But it works only if people have understood the principle to actively
take part in the process - see my previous mail.

> I am working
> on some aspects of that, directly or indirectly, so I have not given up.
> But because debian-lex seems to be focused on the technical aspects of
> practice, it may not be an appropriate forum to consider these issues.

The Debian Med list is what you turn it into. If you consider it as
a forum to discuss also not so technical issues this is fine.  I don't
think that you will disturb a real lot of people when posting any
issue you feel relevant.  But if there are better ways to communicate
than this mailing list - good luck to bring the idea foreward by any

Kind regards


Klarmachen zum Ändern!

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