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Re: Digital Voice recorder

Hi John,

Can you tell more about this product? It seems to be interresting for the 
market I serve, the legal market: www.lawyers.nl. 

Jeroen de Kreek.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Op dinsdag 7 maart 2006 17:06, schreef John Chapin:
> Would a phone based solution work?
> If it would, we have a DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) built on the
> Asterisk PBX that runs on Debian.
> http://www.basesys.com
> Our systems also be configured to channel work dictated on an Olympus
> Recorder and send them off for transcription.
> John Chapin
> Base Systems Inc.
> 830 Glastonbury Road, #606
> Nashville, TN 37217
> p: 615.238.9004
> f: 615.366.1938

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