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Re: [Internal] Re: Infrastructure for meta-distribution projects

  [Going on with the mass-CC]

El día 04 jun 2003, Andreas Tille escribía:
> On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > To elaborate: I considered building all junior-* packages from a single
> > source, but instead opted to build them individually from a minimal package
> > template.  This allows me to de-couple the release cycle for each meta
> > package from each other.  You may wish to get the latest
> > "junior-programming" but not bother with the latest "junior-arcade" for
> > example.
> I also prefer independent metapackages.
> > The approach is imperfect, though, because the templating is not automated.
> > I simply copy an existing meta package and hand-edit to create a new one, so
> > if I ever need to fix my template, I need to go back and modify every single
> > package.  This is tedious.  I'd love to redo it with a common package that
> > generates individual minimal meta packages (maybe with something like
> > equivs).  The tool should allow me to maintain lists of dependencies and
> > changelogs for each individual meta package all in one place.  It should
> > also allow me to generate a new version of a single meta package without
> > rebuilding all of the others, or automatically bump up the version# and add
> > the same changelog entry to all meta packages if I make a global change.
> Very interesting.  I'd like to see your solution ...

 This is cool. And how about adding some way to also being able to put
 in those metapackages configurations for those packages being

 I'm thinking in projects like Debian-desktop and such, which can need
 a way to configure some packages to fit their needs. Or a Live-CD 

  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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