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Legal advice regarding the NEW queue

On Mon, Jan 31, 2022 at 10:47 AM Jonathan Carter <jcc@debian.org> wrote:
> As for getting legal advice, we do have an existing contract with Aaron
> K. Williamson of Williamson Legal, PLLC (https://www.akwlc.com/). His
> specialty is Open Source softwware, technology, licensing and contracts,
> so he would be a good person to ask specific questions about this, and
> since we have an existing contract with him, it's really easy to set up
> a video call / email thread with him if anyone wants to get some advice
> from him. So if anyone has some time / energy to put together some
> concrete questions / examples (and ideally also recruit one or more
> people from FTP team to be involved), then I'd be happy to do the
> introductions and set that up.

Thanks for this information, Jonathan.

I would volunteer for gathering and formulating questions and asking
them to Aaron Williamson.

I suggest the best would be to start with an IRC or video call session
for everyone interested to formulate a "call for questions to ask",
looking through the questions and formulating a document we can send
to Aaron Williamson. Then we can discuss the question in a video call,
and again formulate a document with the answers from Aaron Williamson.
The next step would then probably be a GR.

However I am currently in my exam phase until February 14th, but after
this I have quite a lot of time.


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