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Re: Do we need to hide packages in NEW queue

On തി, ജനു 31 2022 at 10:07:32 രാവിലെ +0100 +0100, Stephan Lachnit <stephanlachnit@debian.org> wrote:
On Sun, Jan 30, 2022 at 8:35 PM Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:

 I do think that the amount of effort that the project puts into this
pre-screening is of sufficiently high magnitude that it would be worth paying a lawyer for a legal opinion about whether or not we need to do it. The savings to the project if we found out that we didn't, or that we could do something simpler and more easily automated, would be more than
 the cost of the legal opinion.


Looking at the last financial numbers I found [1], we have at least
~750k USD we could use for this purpose. I don't really know how
expensive lawyers are, but I doubt that this would cost more than 10k.
Heck, we could even hire two lawyers without any significant financial
impact (maybe in the US and EU as I think these are probably the most
prominent areas for potential copyright lawsuits), even if it costs

IMHO that would be totally worth it. And instead of investing scarce
man-hours into pre-screening, we could create a money pool for
financial support in case there is a copyright lawsuit. The
pre-screening in NEW doesn't prevent someone from claiming copyright
infringement anyway, there is just a smaller chance that the lawsuit
is justified. But sadly even winning a lawsuit can still cost a
significant amount of money.

I agree. We should get real lawyers involved, pay and settle this issue once and for all. As a maintainer who maintains a large number of packages, NEW queue is big friction point for me personally and I'd be very happy to see a solution for it, other than the status quo. Even if the status quo is correct, I'd like this to be backed by a legal opinion that we can rely on.

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