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Re: Bug#915541: Removal of upstream "--will-cite" functionality has been reverted

On Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 07:22:52PM +0200, Ole Tange wrote:
> To me it would feel similar to a dialog box, where you have to click
> "Don't show this again" to continue the first time. This is not that
> uncommon in graphical tools, so there is some precedence for this.

as explained earlier: click-wraps are no-no's.

(And it is a difference if it is a "Tip of the Day" dialog on a supposed-to-be-used-with the GUI
or a license/citation-nagger which is usually run in a script.
If you mean those. At least the former provides some advantage to the user, the
latter not, just as an starter.)
> I find it less than optimal, but if we can find common ground on that,
> it would be a compromise I can live with.

Hows about only print a decently worded message asking nicely to cite, without the
nagging to stdout if the user passes --help?
> /Ole

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