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Re: Concern about a Sun license

Pierre Gruet writes:
> Hello,
> When working on igv (which is currently in non-free), I stumbled upon
> the license [0] including the following:
> Sun grants you ("Licensee") a non-exclusive, royalty free, license to
> use, and redistribute this software graphics artwork, as individual 
> graphics or as a collection, as part of software code or programs that
> you develop, provided that i) this copyright notice and license 
> accompany the software graphics artwork; and ii) you do not utilize
> the software graphics artwork in a manner which is disparaging to
> Sun. Unless enforcement is prohibited by applicable law, you may not
> modify the graphics, and must use them true to color and unmodified in
> every way.
> I feel that the "disparaging to Sun" part is a blocker for including
> the software in the main section. Do you agree?
> And what about the last sentence?

This license has come up before.


So, not free.

> I am a bit concerned because a check in sources.debian.org shows some
> software currently in main embed files with the "disparaging to Sun"
> part.
> [0]
> https://sources.debian.org/src/igv/2.6.3+dfsg-3/src/main/resources-jlfgr-1_0/LICENSE/

That sounds like a bug.

Walter Landry

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