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"Andronix" app reselling paid version of Debian, potentially violating GPL and Debian trademarks?

Dear Debian legal,

I came across the "Andronix" android app [1] which allows users to install desktop linux distributions on Android devices. The company provides untouched copies of the distros (such as Ubuntu and Debian) for free with source included. However, they also sell so-called "Modded OSes" which are better optimized for Android devices for a fee ranging from $0.99 to $1.99[2]. They do not provide the source code for the "Modded OSes" to everyone who purchases them. Furthermore, they retain the distributions' original names and logos, and I believe this is also a violation of their copyrights/trademarks.

I asked around in the Andronix user's discord and indeed it seems they're essentially redistributing Debian/Ubuntu/Manjaro under the respective distro's own branding and not providing the source code for patches which may or may not include GPL software.
I am not a legal expert, but is this violating the GPL or trademark?


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